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About Us

In the business of construction, you'll never hear a client complain that their contractor is too much of a perfectionist. This is the main reason why MGM Construction is a third-generation family owned business that has been around since 1956. Unlike many fields where the results of someone's work can be hidden or swept under the rug; our work speaks for itself. After all, when you build an airport, it's almost impossible to hide any major flaws from the public or the press. But the good news is that by working with our elite teams of designers and builders, you'll be ingratiating yourself to an exclusive group of owners who enjoy the benefits of our finished products every day.

One other reason that VIPs and blue collar folk enjoy working with us is our commitment to honesty. In this day and age, you never know what kind of fraud or scheme someone might try to run on you and your investors. That's why we have an impressive portfolio of finished projects and clients that are willing to sing our praises. You can do business with us on multi-million dollar projects and even billion dollar projects without worrying about anything but an honest and fair delivery. It is with great pride that we can validate our honesty and integrity when dealing with your confidential business plans and layouts. We know that you've gone to painstaking lengths to create a vision for your clientele to enjoy, and our team will be attentive to every detail that will make your project stand out from the rest. So, give us a call before our schedule gets too heavily booked for the year; MGM Construction is the smart choice!