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The delivery process of CMAR (Construction Manager at Risk) is a means to guarantee to the construction manager that the project will not exceed a pre-arranged maximum price. We have worked in many such situations over the years and understand the need for sacrifice to match the agreed upon goal. However, the reason why so many firms choose us for projects like these is that we don't make cuts when it comes to safety concerns. That said, once all safety requirements are met, we focus on the longevity and attractiveness of the materials. While you may find some contracts who claim that the budget is too tight for a beautiful build, our teams often find this to be a cop out. You'll see beautiful structures fashioned from quality materials by our teams, and yes, we'll meet you right on the nose with the budget.

Design Build

There are a lot of reasons why investors like to use the design-build model when contracting the construction of their buildings. For example, when a place has 70 years of design-build experience, the cost: benefits ratios go up exponentially. When a designer and builder work together for many years it can become similar to a musician and pianist teaming up for multiple concerts. Since the designer is aware of the builder's many talents and preferences for attractive, sturdy, expense reducing materials, he or she can create better structures on paper for the price. Meanwhile, the client gets the additional benefit of those years of experience and that fact that two pairs of eyes are looking for potential problems. It's a great way to build your commercial space, especially if you want more customized options.


When you need effective planning for a complicated or simple build, our experts can come in and get the job done right the first time. For instance, if you are working on a project that requires multiple permits from various local, state, and federal agencies; we can keep those organized and ensure that they are properly documented. Further, if you are working in a busy city or near a dangerous area where the logistics can get as serious as dump truck full of red hot coals, it's ideal to have help from an experienced team. For more information about our various stages of planning and the services that we offer, please give us a call.