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Bid Room

Confidentiality and security are among our primary concerns when working with clients on various projects. Unlike many contractors, we have a private bid room where documents can be stored in a secure manner to prevent leaks and other malicious activities. For example, the plans for a new amusement park where an investment group is spending over $200 million dollars to have the place developed and built need to be kept private. In this case, and many other scenarios, the plans need to be kept confidential since the layout of the park and the rides are literally the intellectual value that is being presented to the public. Therefore, we respect the privacy of our clients in a way that many other construction firms don't; you won't find our nephews in the office on a weekend looking at sealed plans. That's because the only people allowed to see the plans are those immediately involved in each stage of the project. In some cases, we've even gone as far as signing and NDA with a client to ensure that their intellectual properties are protected.

Secondly, the bid room provides a great way to away to a private space for planning your dreams. After all, it can be difficult to put something amazing together with friends and family running around the house. You'll even be spared the noises of our busy office environment while in the bid room, which provides for many hours of executive contemplation. Although some people may complain about the time it takes for visionaries to make a decision, you won't hear that from our team. We know that investing in a future structure requires a proper amount of reflection. So, take all the time you need to relax and formulate your dreams in our bid room. We'll keep bringing the refreshments.